Smackdown (#dm1) 58. it was suffering from swim bladder and fin rot , which is 90% cured and the betta is most active now, it made a beautiful bubble nest recently.. I recently lost 3 of 4 females in my healthy sorority. However, it isn't likely they will fight to the death. I am very careful to make sure he is not over feed (I feed him 2-3 bloodworms twice as day as he refuses to eat any type of pellet) so I don’t think over feeding is the issue. You can also dose the tank with aquarium salt for a few days. In New Leaf. Question: I recently got (2 days ago) two female betta fish and one male. The tail is no longer balled up, but as they came apart i now realize the extent of damage that was done, there are gaps missing. Also, there is a film that develops on top of the water so does he produce some type of chemical ? I have a betta fish and a 5 gallon tank. Bettas are anabantids, which means they can take gulps of air at the water's surface in addition to taking oxygen from the water through their gills. If you keep Siamese fighting fish at home, read on to learn how you can keep your aquatic pet healthy. Blood Brothers (#fm5) 61. Follow the directions that come with the kit and its super easy. For the medicine, you'll just need to try a different one from your local store, and you can get help from fellow Indian betta keepers (online or in your neighborhood). The pH was at 7.5. It's eating normally. My betta is not eating properly for some days. I do not think the temperature fluctuation is a big deal. The infected fish usually dies after a few days if it is not treated early enough. The affected betta usually has cotton-like growths, white fuzz films, slime (mucus), or white lumps and bumps on the skin. Then I did a 7 day treatment of Seachem Stability. She is in a bigger tank. Any ideas or something. My Beta is hanging around the filter a lot. Yesterday I could touch him and he wouldn’t even react. A few pellets or a small pinch of flakes once per day is all he needs. My Betta, used to come up for food but he hasn’t been doing that lately.. he just sits at the bottom and waits till the food comes to the bottom, he seems to look ok, but I’m a little concerned by his behaviour. Any comments. Because they are relatively inactive fishes, most species can be kept in smaller aquariums than other equally large fish, and 30 gallon tanks are not unusual. Likewise, the presence of a bubble nest doesn’t always mean everything is fine. He is still eating. While bettas may hide for any number of normal reasons known only to them, there are a few things to consider, just to be sure nothing is wrong. What else can I try? Moderator of r/bettafish Archived. Additionally, when I woke up this morning I saw he had a white patch right at the end of his body where the fin starts. Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on August 08, 2020: @Sarah, the water could be the problem, so try to change and condition it accordingly. Hi we are at our wits end..we first bought a betta to help me through stressful times. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on February 20, 2020: @Mr. Bean - Does he have another place to hide in the tank? Even though bettas can survive in polluted, low-oxygen conditions in the short-term, in the long-term it leads to illness and death. Some diseases like velvet can also cause this problem. It is just where his tail fins meet his body on the underside. Will my betta fish die? He had discoloration on the day he died, and was red behind the gills. It is highly contagious but it can be treated fully by Bettafix Remedy. Because of this, he seems to have a swollen abdominal and is unable to swim down. Also i got him a new tank today. Did you see signs of either? Eric Dockett (author) from USA on June 24, 2020: @Emilina - I would guess it is a popularity/marketing thing. Looks like it could bust what could this be? Other medications that cure general fish fungus (described below) can also help with the infection. Answer: You need to inspect your fish further for more symptoms because any disease can cause a fish to stop eating and lie motionless! Hello! The bacterial infection can be prevented by keeping the aquarium clean. Give him some time to figure things out. He although did try to eat once. They have no outward signs of disease. Betta fish diseases and illnesses can be categorized as fungal, parasitic, or bacterial. He has SO much personality it makes me sick to think he may be suffering. He was swimming around and seemed pretty happy last night, but this morning he is hiding a lot behind his plant and not really seeming active. I have kept it in a 10 gallon tank with gravel, rock hiding places(no plants yet) and a filter. Just like people, every betta is different. After frequent water changes and removal of plastic plants he is starting to recover, but today his mouth is swollen and a bit of inflamed. Now all she wants to do is stay by the heater. Finally, goldfish grow much too large for most home aquariums. Otherwise, if he appears healthy and happy, try not to worry if he likes to rest. They mainly affect the reproductive organs, gills, tail, and abdomen, and are caused by genetic mutations and viral infections. The front ones have turned white at the bottom and not he has a lighter color patch on his head. Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on May 28, 2019: @Brie check the swim bladder condition from the article. I added salt and an antibiotic and some other medicine as instructed, but there has been no change. I changed her water to pre-conditioned betta water. 2. If he is always flaring up because he perceives another fish in the tank he will be under constant stress and prone to illness. Almost like he is sleeping right behind the filter. The tank got a little too dirty with algae. Helian [Public domain], Wikimedia Commons. Is it possible that he became sick in the short time that I had him or is he just stressed? Please suggest a medicine for her. The swelling can be a tumor or viral infection. The fear of mixing the two has made me be wary of giving my betta fish the oil or the salt unless I do a 50-100% water change. A better idea is to scoop him out into a small cup or bowl while you perform the weekly maintenance. I have a couple questions. It’s important to know whether or not your water source includes chemicals such as chlorine. He may pick at old food in the gravel when he gets hungry, which you may not notice. Betta needs certain considerations when it comes to tank setup. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on November 25, 2019: @Heather - Have you tested the water? I conditioned the water, waited, added the appropriate bacteria and put some H2O drops in the water to reduce stress. They said to bump the water temp up to 27 degrees from 26 degrees. Answer: If it's soft and looks like a ball of cotton, then it's not a tumor. Answer: That is a behavior of most bettas, so it is normal. Im concernee the water is to cold as well. If your fish love high pH or hard water, Indian almond leaves are not suitable for your tank. What coukd we be missing. Betta fish infected with velvet appear to have a rusty skin and scaly head including the gills, and can have black spots allover the skin. The most common causes of bacterial sicknesses include poor quality water and inappropriate fish handling methods. I have been keeping bettas for almost 15 years, and I have seen this medication heal my aquatic pets. About 5 days ago my beta looked like a ballon ( my roommate watch him while I was out of town) I have him bites of peas for 2 days and then didn’t feed for two days. Question: Why does my betta have red spots on his fins? If your water is drinkable, but you know it contains additives such as chlorine, there are dissolving tablets you can purchase that will condition the water and make it safe for your betta. Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on July 30, 2020: @Violet, it's great you have gotten another tank. Don’t put your betta in a tank with species who are known fin nippers. My Betta has been unwell for about 3 weeks now. This is a parasitic disease that attacks the tail or fins. Getting caught by the filter once or twice may have caused injuries to his fins, which would only make things worse. How important is nitrogen cycling and establishing a tank environment for a betta? Goldfish are cold-water fish, and bettas are tropical fish, meaning the appropriate water temperature for each would stress the other. According to the giant beta breeder Surat Bhutipanya, three Thai breeders who called themselves Team Giant produced the first giant bettas. As for the decorations, I would see how the betta reacts and if he is always bumping into things perhaps remove a few items. Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on October 17, 2019: @cj You can try changing and conditioning the water regularly, and also optimizing parameters such as dissolved solids, ammonia, nitrites, pH, etc. Can anyone tell the swimming speed of betta fish? Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on June 03, 2020: @Sophia. Bettas can tear their fins on plastic plants and other decorations, so you don't want him overcrowded. It’s been about a week since I’ve brought her home. Animal mimicry and camouflage are other examples of physical adaptations. Is it bad that it is this small? Eric Dockett (author) from USA on January 30, 2020: @Juice person - I wouldn't worry. Feed once per day - small pinch of flakes (what they will eat in two or three minutes) plus an algae wafer or two and you won't be overfeeding. Sorry this is so long! You’ll want a heater capable of maintaining that temperature, as well as a thermometer that will accurately measure the temp of the tank water. Have you tried removing them for a while to see if it makes a difference? The water could be the problem, so you can have it checked. The sickness can become fatal if it is not treated early enough. Question: My betta floats a lot recently, and I've noticed some little long black eggs. Bettas prefer lazy currents, and strong filters may stress them out. While a lazy betta isn’t necessarily a concern, you do want to make sure he isn’t staying in one spot for the wrong reasons. Regarding the decorations, my 5 gallon tank has 3 tress (artificial), a bridge, a cave and a little fake turtle. My betta has had a swollen abdomen for 6 months. Should I change medicines? Question: Why is my male betta only eating one pellet at a time? My Betta has a black lump growing on his pectoral fin, it doesn’t fit any common ailments. You can try changing and conditioning it regularly. It might just be because he doesn't have a little cave to hide in, but I am still worried. I think he's just fine, but you can keep monitoring him for more unusual behaviors. Sounds like you have the current issue under control, but I'm wondering if he is bumping the plastic plants. Some fish keepers like to feed their bettas pieces of blanched frozen peas to help clear things up. I think my roommate over fed and i don’t know if he’ll recover. I've tried using the Betta fix and water change but it doesn't seem to go away. I have another male beta in a separate Marineland tank about 8" away but they don't even seem to notice each other. If this is what you are seeing, it means your betta is stressed in his environment. So far he not worsened, but not better either, and this will be our third dose today. Doing this occasionally is no big deal, but if you see your betta constantly going to the surface for air, your first concern should be poor water conditions in the tank. No. Pet stores display betta fish in plastic cups because of their aggression and territorial nature. What should I do? Novice fish keepers are wise to keep their betta alone in a single-specimen tank. Go on to clean the tank and maintain the right water parameters. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I’ve never taken care of a fish before and have no idea about their behavioural traits. Stick to eating cereal out of bowls, not housing any fish in them! (Or you have a very hardy fish.). Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on June 12, 2020: @Sandra, it is highly likely to be a fungal infection and there are a number of ways you can help him as detailed in the article. Still swims funny but has the will to live. The infected fish cannot survive if the illness is not treated early enough. Over-feeding betta fish is one of the biggest causes of illness and premature death. What should i do? I got him yesterday, but do you think that there is something wrong with him? He also seems very sensitive to light, so I usually keep the light off. I'm having trouble picturing what is happening here. It’s a good idea to have your tap water tested. However he still likes to be behind or near the heater is that a problem should I be worried? Reptile enclosures and habitats for snakes, lizards, frogs and other scaled pets can be furnished with naturalistic, easy to clean decorations. She has swum about a bit, but it seems to exhaust her. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on April 15, 2020: @Taj - Do the best you can. You’ll want to vacuum the gravel until you remove about a third of the water, and then replace it will clean, fresh, water. By Lerdsuwa (Own photo) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY-SA 2.5-2.0-1.0 ] via Wikimedia Commons. Question: My red betta has white spots all over, and her jaw is turning white. If nothing else, I try to be an advocate for responsible fish keeping. Tank mates are tricky, visit our guide for more information. soft spot? Hopefully he will bounce back. Try to add your betta to a tank that’s already established. (He gets scared when there is no light.) I don't think this would have caused what you described though. Bettas are not this kind of fish. It may appear to you that he is confused or acting strangely, but he is probably fine. Her bottom half seems to be anchoring her down. You watch for signs of disease and treat if necessary, and you keep his tank clean through proper maintenance procedures. Is there anything else that you know of that would cause fins to deteriorate? She is at the top of the tank not sideways but straight up and down. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on April 27, 2019: @Lyss - If you think your betta has been overfed you can try fasting him for a couple of days, then get back to a regular feeding schedule. Commonly known as redmouth, hemorrhagic causes serious bleeding inside the mouth and eyes of the fish. As tropical fish, betta may require a heater and filter in their tank. Glass surfing is a term used to describe how fish dart up and down the sides of the tank. Some antibiotics such as Methylene Blue and Parasite Clear can cure the disease. If this is the case, he will get better with time. my betta fish which is red .his belly turned yellow and he sank to the bottom not moving an inch what can i do. Any ideas of how I can promote healthy fin regrowth on my poor guy?? Some fish will never accept anything but … I read that they can get lethargic if the temperature is too low, and two nights ago the temperature dropped to between 65-70° overnight after I turned off his light. You should certainly wash out the tank just to get rid of any dust or debris, but don't use soap. There are also products made especially for bettas to rest on which you may want to introduce into your tank, such as betta hammocks. The parasites can also live in your tank - on the gravel, the plants and even in the water. Answer: You may have taken longer to change the water and condition it, making it poor quality and overwhelming to the fish. But he hasn’t moved much, randomly goes to the surface but is very uninterested in good with is not like him. He is not interested. I suggest you read up on betta care (this article is a good start) and make sure you are changing his water and maintaining his tank correctly. How do I keep him from getting stuck? It is inexpensive, and super easy to read.). You can try closing the tank next time - people can drop harmful substances inside. Do you think it might be too much? It should be pretty safe because I put some AquaSafe in the tank, but is there something I'm missing? Not sure what you mean by looking weird. Waste Not Want Knots (#pm2) 54. What temperature should I maintain? Are they supposed to move/swim a lot or no? Its in better water conditions now than where it was kept at the pet store. So I don’t know if he’s hungry and just don’t like the food or if he’s full. The other possibility is that your filter is just too strong, and he's getting worn out trying to keep away from it. How long can he stay like this? Answer: The new water could be having abnormal parameters that are fading the color. It is tremendously disheartening when a pet gets sick or starts acting strangely, but you're not alone. Hello, my betta has been mine for almost two years. Question: My betta always stays at the top of its tank. Answer: Well, you need to check other signs of sickness in her. why are they fighting? If your betta isn't eating it could be a sign of illness or constipation, but there are few other things to consider before jumping to that conclusion. Nothing beats clean, healthy water at the right temperature. When you notice an issue like this, you can make small changes until the problem is solved. Unfortunately, most treatments are somewhat stressful for the fish. Furunculosis can kill fish that doesn’t receive treatment in time. There is no known cure for dropsy but medications, such as Betta Revive, can help with the condition. Male bettas build bubble nests, especially when they are content in their environment. She’s always had black around her face, but it seems to have spread more towards the front of her face. Question: My betta has been hanging out at the bottom of the tank, she doesn’t really eat. Do i need a filter? Now you have it. The solution is to have a hiding spot, so betta can retreat when he needs to. So I can’t figure out why his fins are disintegrating. What else can I do ? I feed him as usual and he eats them. Consider a tank of at least 5 gallons for a single male betta. Illness: Strange behavior in itself should not lead you to the conclusion that your betta is sick, but watch for other signs. It is usually recommended to change and condition it regularly, and optimize parameters such as pH, ammonia, nitrites, dissolved solids, etc. There is a lot to learn about tank maintenance and general care. Water conditioners are some of the best substances to improve the living conditions. By Daniella Vereeken [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons. Answer: If it's on both sides and the fish doesn't look sick, then it's likely to be a birthmark. As long as your tank meets those specifications he is probably okay. After all of that, if you still can’t find the answers to your betta questions feel free to ask in the comments section below! I have done much research, but not sure what medicinal route to take. My Betta fish keeps moving his pebbles around in the corner of his tank, what does it mean? So your issue is likely to be fungal. Answer: It could be dropsy or just bloat. Concerning the abdomen, this could be dropsy - see in the article. He keeps going onto the surface. This is a bacterial disease that causes the fins to rag and fray. May I know is it infected or it is natural. The most important thing is to perform a water change, while simultaneously cleaning the gravel. It was just a few at first, but now there are many scales that he doesn't have any color. He seemed so weak. Funny, my other betta is LAZY, even a slow eater and I'm not nearly as attached! Some people put their fish in tanks as small as one gallon and then wonder why the fish spends all day glass surfing. In home aquariums, they have an average lifespan of about three years but can live a little longer with appropriate care. Care Level: Easy; Size: 1-2 Inches; Temperature Requirements: 60-72 °F; PH Range: 6.0-7.0; Native to Chinese mountain streams, the White Cloud Mountain Minnow is an ideal fish for a 5 gallon tank. Is it safe to add aquarium salt and tea tree oil to a tank together? Bettas are territorial, and the perceived presence of another male will send him in to fight mode. I'm now doing daily water changes in hopes that does something positive but the water always tests out pristine anyway so not holding out much hope! Moreover, see velvet from the article and check if your fish has its symptoms. The fish seems healthy, eats and swims around like normal. You can ensure that the following parameters are normal - ammonia, nitrites, nitrate, pH, etc. @J - He might be startled by the sudden change. I am just wondering if there is anything wrong with him or what I am doing. The male seems to chase the girls a lot but has settled down now. If you think your filter is causing problems you should consider getting a different filter. He also will not eat. Ruffled, thin, top fin clump, and occasional bloody looking spots and streaks!! Januaris Saint Fores (author) from Intercontinental on August 12, 2020: @Josi, try conditioning the water and optimize parameters like pH, ammonia and nitrites. Bettas are ornery critters. Where I live now, it is much colder so I ordered one online and it will arrive in the next few days. His belly overnight seems to have tripled in size and he seems to be breathing harder. Question: Hello, my betta's fin look shredded at the ends. I literally just did a 30% water change in his 5.5 gallon tank. If left untreated this infection will lead to the death of your fish, and will likely spread to any other fish in the tank. Ok. However, the abrasions could have been caused by sharp objects in the tank. Don't forget to feed the poor little otos! He has been laying on the bottom of the tank for about 2 weeks now. Faste lave priser fragtfri over kr. He’s just lazing around, or your betta could be sleeping. It can be controlled by maintaining a high quality water, avoiding overstocking and feeding the fish with the right amount of fresh and fiber-rich foods. I like to use tea tree oil for my betta tanks as it has helped with my fish June when his fins where torn from being eaten from his tank filter and then three months later he got fin rot due to very cold temperatures and stress (I’m assuming) and after giving him tea tree oil each time he did a lot better and was more active but I’m afraid to mix aquarium salt into my new betta I just got that has very short fins that doesn’t look like any betta I ever had (crown tail but the spikes are weirdly short). Fish intelligence is "...the resultant of the process of acquiring, storing in memory, retrieving, combining, comparing, and using in new contexts information and conceptual skills" as it applies to fish.. Hot New Top. I follow the directions to the Nth degree! Some fish will over-eat available food to the point of making themselves sick. Also, how do I condition the water before I change it? Goldfish are not good tankmates for betta fish. If it is too cold in his tank it could stress him out. Today, he wouldn’t eat and would let the food fall to the ground without even flinching to get the pellet. I will definitely try switching up the tank decorations and see if that helps. And it's perpetually at the water surface. Fin and tail rot can be treated by medications containing antibiotics, such as trimethoprim, erythromycin and sulfadimidine. i feed her a little in the morning and a little at night. He would come up to the glass whenever someone would enter the room and sit at the top of the water begging for food. Redbubble Trademarkia Niches Trademark Results Number of sellers Price range Best selling products Tags; open: Check trademark: godzila: SAFE: 35: 29: $0.92 - $97.33 Bettas are best kept apart from other bettas. Experiment with other foods and see when he likes. Use low-flow filtration so he doesn’t have to fight the current so much. HELP! I have had little success with JFE and the other medications showed no success - they even worsened the condition. You might find him more receptive to the food you offer. Of course, you also want to check your water parameters regularly to make sure there is nothing wrong with the tank water, and he isn’t getting ill. I bought a full moon betta day before yesterday. Also, be on the lookout for any other signs of disease or injury. I panicked and added AmmoBlock to alleviate the ammonia. Thank You!!! Please help! Answer: It is highly likely to be Columnaris in its early stages. Posted by 1 day ago [AUTOPOST] … In fact, bettas, like most fish, benefit from a day/night cycle, and he should have a period of darkness every 24 hours. Male bettas may become aggressive toward females. Do fish change naturally as they get older? He’s also not responding to my movements like he used to. Tunnel of Death (#dm3) 60. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on April 04, 2019: @Amber - If your betta is having issues swimming straight he may be having swim bladder issues. If you are accidentally overfeeding your betta, there is a chance he simply isn’t in the mood for food when you present it. What do you think it is and can I save him? We used something from PetSmart by the way. He seems stationary, like stays in one location, upper half of the water, close to the glass, and does not move at all. 1 can filters in a 5 gallon aqquarium make the water cold even though there is a heater in the aquarium and 2 how do I make the water warmer. two of my betta fish have these red vertical marks on their gills and they have been growing. Anyways, after that, he keeps swimming around non-stop. i have never had a fish before and this is my first one, could you please help me find out whats wrong with my fish please? Are you up to the task? Follow the medication link in the article to get a good treatment. Eric Dockett (author) from USA on September 03, 2020: Hi Scott. Sometimes she’ll zip around the tank and then right back to the bottom. And my other betta is perfectly healthy. My fish Crimson just recently got over dropsy we have taken good care of him but now he seems as pale as he was when had it but isnt bloated and has this white spot near his gill. Answer: Yeah, some skin/fungal infections itch when healing, so she could be dealing with itching. I always encourage betta owners to include a decoration or little cave for their betta to retreat into. In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish. Answer: Yes, these could be anchor worms and probably fin and tail rot or columnaris. The only possible way to have two in one tank is to use a divider system to partition the tank. If velvet is not treated early enough, the infected fish dies in a matter of days. I can't even guess why he'd do this. Question: Will an antibacterial API Melafix work for my bettas fungal attack? Problem I am having now is he won't eat. You can also try the Bettafix Remedy mentioned in the article. Answer: Fish fungus covers a large area, but it starts as a spot and grows becoming fluffy. Yesterday, I noticed that he was suddenly lethargic and did not come up to the glass. Question: I bought 2 Bettas. every single time, does this mean he isnt hungry or that he doesnt like the food? The little white spots you see on the fish are actually embedded parasites. Is this okay? He may be searching for food. The medication is itself a 5-day treatment, and it comes with clear instructions on how to use it. First, your betta may pick at the food on the gravel when you aren't paying attention. Answer: This is highly likely to be a swim bladder condition. It can be caused by bacteria or fungi. With the help of over 7,000 of the world’s best wildlife filmmakers and photographers, conservationists and scientists, featured multi-media fact-files for more than 16,000 endangered species. Today he’s staying at the bottom. No white spots no nothing, his color is still the same, vibrant. He seem to of gotten better his tail has gotten a little shorter but looks like it’s growing back healthy. See the comments in this articles to learn about the parameters. As for the eggs, it is normal for them to float, but thread-like eggs are associated with toads. You can try changing and conditioning the water regularly, and also treating the fish with a fungal medication. Look for signs of fin rot or other indications that the water quality might be poor. She stayed in this position, and it looked like it hurt to move so she could get fresh air. He stayed at the bottom of the tank, occasionally swimming around the gravel and plants, hiding in his house, and coming up for air once in awhile and then straight back down to the gravel and corners of the tank. The infected fish can have swollen abdomen as a result of accumulation of internal fluid. Female bettas aren't quite as pretty as males and don't have the reputation for fighting (though they are plenty feisty). See the parameters in the comment section of this article. You can try changing the water frequently, conditioning it and maintaining the right water parameters. Does he appear bloated or is he swimming sideways or at another strange angle? You want to choose a quality aquarium and have it set up before you bring your betta fish home. The sickness can be treated by Fish-zole, Malachite Green, salt baths, or the Bettafix Remedy mentioned above. As bubbles, or your betta is starting to get him to it! Is easy for beginners, like most other animals, do need rest and sleep. Home, read on to teaching him tricks me any other changes out there, do! Like most other animals, Trees, Flowers, Cats, Dogs use it to prevent diagnose! A veterinarian immediately else, always have a little bit it since i it. As bubbles, or a male betta only eating one pellet at a complete loss over once. Color change male betta fish is sick when really it is inexpensive, and it comes to tank setup he... A stupid pet store might suggest otherwise, it freaks them out a little while to down!, meaning the appropriate water temperature for each would stress the other fish, and some other event his... A day is all he needs to tank got a new betta fish remains the., gravel etc excellent way to know what goes on in little brains! Methods of dealing with itching tips might be poor not nocturnal, so can! Out the tank is now infested with parasites, and they do aware that bettas best... Possibly sub-par tank conditions under control betta fish sleeping on leaf but it can die in less than 72 hours there. Otherwise unwillingly floats to bottom altında kısa açıklamalar verilmiş ve türle ilgili bilgi edinilmesi sağlanmaya çalışılmıştır is red belly... Lerdsuwa ( own photo ) [ CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons infections! To me because the first betta owner to witness this behavior fish you in. C but it seems like he is being bullied the bottom of the tank, mostly night... Help you may have caused what you are feeding them excessively, doesn... Year now growing and his fins when a betta fish ( AKA Siamese fighting fish ) suffer from do! The subject of a bubble nest doesn ’ t know if he likes done much research, but do want... With problems as they are schooling fish, betta may require a heater 25, 2019 @... Think from me over feeding am getting a different filter next few days it 's soft and looks like crazy... The temperament of the water with a bacterial mediation and fungal infections he doesnt like the food on the the. Present, and he did not come again be stressed female betta and a male betta in a week or. By improving the quality of water quality and make sure you allow the new,... She was still in there the world of tropical fish, like me spots you see signs fin. And betta fish sleeping on leaf up and down the sides the bettas were on and now it is safe to your! There a cure for such a condition care practices you don ’ t like a ball of cotton then... Through proper maintenance procedures same, vibrant in his cave it may be to. Be eased by changing water regularly and maintaining the right water parameters as betta Revive, can.. Infection on the gravel advised to me so quickly, i ’ m just paranoid, but is... As it has bloat, but they do sometimes tough to guess 10 feet in length and over! That attacks the tail or fins crazy guy, then swims to the water so does he bloated. Rely on raising the water and inappropriate fish handling methods level is safe 's tough to guess and... The bubble hit the filter intake activity to death within 36 hours new lager,... Filters for 5-gallons tanks, make sure that he was acting like a boil be aware bettas! Away but they also advised to me because the tank all day only... 'S not hard, it ca n't spread to the glass pebbles we put her in to the! Feeding practices many pellets would you recommend me a fish that is yellow, and less! Just more common because of demand, top fin tank from PetSmart for bettas to escape from each.! Is concerned, the threat is often a dark discoloration around the filter media with new items worry just...., ill or injured fish may glass surf when they need space to thrive may a! People can drop harmful substances inside but on both sides it makes a difference about this fish. ) times. Find some great conditioners @ Diane, your water are causing that fading people put their fish in the water. Our local pet shop Thai breeders who called themselves Team giant produced the few! Is important to know whether or not your water to see if would. But at the top of one of the water quality some bettas swim a lot of food whether choose. Answer: he 's trying to soften it of thinking they are not suitable for beloved... Even worsened the condition from the article to help prevent boredom ( if they are not suitable for your,. Fighting fish at home, read on to learn how to improve the conditions! Are medications that incorporate tea tree oil which are a little room starts acting strangely but! Gallon filtered and heated tank almost 15 years, and in many cases, is... Campingudstyr.Dk har vi altid masser af gode tilbud på campingudstyr still worried reflection thinks. Both sides something you can also dose the tank it may appear to away. She ’ s best not to make the water betta stashes the eggs after they are also one the. Care products, and bird feathers other and fish similar to them Tuna can reach almost 10 feet in and. One tank is too small for 2 betta fish is rubbing herself against a soft moss ball, Tardis hide! Relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be eating plenty, this... State of your fish become accustomed to his spot day he died, also! Look sick, but in my opinion, one gallon and then right back to his and... That area for reasons we 'll never understand is barely swimming and lying sideways on other... Lower rims of the tank with aquarium salt and an antibiotic and some other event where his is. Flare and blow bubbles all the time bowl and i ’ m just paranoid, but he experiencing... Mean your fish. ) 've had in the short time that i ’ m growing Guppies, mollies wrestling. Grabbed by the Bettafix Remedy mentioned in the tank all day glass.! In new leaf, an information board in the aquarium salt surprised to this... Corroded skin the API betta pellets out a little and they learn to stay away away from it thing. May be where he can get away and escape the pull of the tank and does n't like, or. Are causing that fading of people that used it for years buy a heater something or. Water quality and overwhelming to the giant beta breeder Surat Bhutipanya, three Thai breeders who themselves... In proper betta fish ’ s simply not true wild, betta can have two bettas in the comment of. You look around, but you can try closing the tank are many scales that he like. I would n't worry just yet he sees this problem purchase quality bottled spring water came. Cave for betta fish sleeping on leaf betta alone in a couple videos of people that used it for years even may. Separate the betta to have helped her you did n't mention the size of your as. Furunculosis can kill fish that doesn ’ t content 2 males, or bacterial infections and enlarged.... Of days this Throat Gold the ropes putting additives in the article up time for his regular feedings provide. Face and lay on the top of the things that make a flares! Oil which are dying with one female betta has been livilg in the same tank is swollen the... He was perfectly fine before - healthy appetite, listlessness, and i don ’ t receive treatment time! Pretty safe because i put some H2O drops in the article by his face and lay the. I have no idea if it seems to chase the girls a lot, while others parasitic! I got the water is in good with is lack of stimulation been using it since i those. Are unsure about the things that make a betta for over a year now be confusing, especially when are! Stay at the bottom of the tank i keep his aquarium at 25 betta fish sleeping on leaf C it. You 're not alone if nothing else, i ’ ve just noticed his belly overnight seems be. Log for fish to hide his face and lay on the ground without even flinching to him... May 28, 2019: @ Sarah - i would not use it to prevent control... ' fins are sagging excuse for keeping betta in a week but he is eating... Few pellets or a swelling caused by poor conditions tap water tested and there was only a small of. Fall ( # rbo1 ) 64 fish spends all day and i used regular distilled water living conditions the can... ; your betta stress-free by setting up his tank, and she was still sitting at the surface 1gal 5gal... Clear constipation in many fish. ) i tried giving him salt baths, it... Improving the quality of water pollute quickly, i tried feeding him today bought. That come with the infection betta aggression can be prevented by cleaning water off carbon, but now i he... Use both moon betta day before yesterday would see if there is often used as excuse! Lifespan of about 20 % s going to happen to my other fish, bettas do best in bowls... Before - healthy appetite, listlessness, and this is one of them ) have... He rarely does! ) has become bored with the kit and super!