Great school, beautiful campus. The portals used to access assignments and view personal account information is easy to maneuver and read. I descended deeper into mental illness over the course of that brutal winter. Obviously, it's not the ideal situation but all of my professors have been very flexible and trying very hard to make sure the classes are reasonable and accessible. We are leaders in preparing psycho-dynamically-informed, culturally responsive, clinical mental health counselors to promote the mental health and wellness of people. The dorm was very isolated from the rest of the campus social scene, but it was the perfect place for me. It feels weird when you are no longer at the top of the class like high school because almost everybody here was top of the class. 33 answers, Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it. I remained intellectually curious, but I put in only moderate effort in my classes and forgot about all the goals I came to the university with, such as learning languages. Splash. This university has incredible potential to be a top institution, and to be part of one of the most helpful and most forming experiences some people may have in their lives, but it limits itself greatly simply because of poor management. I really like Northwestern. I knew I needed help, so I went to the student counseling center early that year. I breathed in the scent of knowledge and acknowledged the architecture as I walked to the table and received my schedule for the day. As a student in McCormick, classes and exams can be brutal and extremely competitive, as most engineering classes are curved to a B-, but the overall atmosphere is great. You can also access the service online (Username : northwestern… Program … I can’t wait to be here for the next 4 years. In my opinion you should attend nsu if you’re considering a university, it’s definitely welcoming and will be the best choice! A plethora of resources are available for the student body to exercise and build their undergraduate resumes. It can feel competitive at times, especially if you are in classes graded on a curve. The students are top-tier, the location is exciting yet not dangerous. I feel as though I am a better learner because of Northwestern. The relationships I form outside of the engineering school are some of my most cherished one. If I had rated NU at the end of that year, I probably would have given it an A-. I am thankful that I can say the words "once a wildcat, always a wildcat.". Northwestern University was the best college choice I could have ever made for myself. Try to get a sense of what the students and the classes are like. Why? They do not feel like tiring classes; people go here to gain real knowledge. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, the conversations I've been a part of, and the opportunities that are available to me. It offers many cultural, educational, and social opportunities. Northwestern University has many great academic opportunities for students to both explore different disciplines and cultivate their already chosen disciplines. We have an amazing career center to help with internship and job searching. For complicated reasons, these issues came to a head in the first quarter of sophomore year, and I suffered a mental breakdown that exacerbated my social awkwardness and caused me to withdraw into myself. We haven’t been able to experience campus, the first year festivities, or social life. Northwestern has an amazing academic reputation, and I can tell from the class Facebook page that I'm going to make a lot of friends while I'm here. I have grown so much as an academic, as an artist, and as a person in my time here. The campus is beautiful and a great place to be. The Clinical Psychology Master of Arts (MA) Program within the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in academic clinical psychology. With strong programs across the board and the opportunity to take classes in all department through the quarter system Northwestern mixes both academic and pre-professional pursuits in a unique blend. The Medill school is always up to speed on shifts in the industry related to journalism or marketing. My financial aid package is good, although I know some people have had trouble with their package after sopomore year. Any sociological belief that is an aberration gets shut down and shunned upon by those adherent to Northwestern norms. The professors have been wonderful, and generally make themselves available outside of class to provide extra assistance. It is especially great for anyone who is multi-faceted and wants to do 2 very different things. *Sources for school statistics and data include the U.S. Department of Education's National … I would spend all day by myself in my single dorm room. The professors are also really great and most of them really want to interact with students. Student counseling might have improved since then, but it was AWFUL when I went there. I had an amazing time at Northwestern, inside the classroom and outside. My curiosity continues to flourish as I open the email, and read the following words “High school students from the Chicagoland area are welcomed to Northwestern University and take classes from NU students...”. Northwestern University is a highly competitive, demanding, and intense place of study, but the opportunities provided by attending such a prestigious university are priceless and incredibly valuable. Bridge Program available. An intake counselor meets with person before the start of a program to determine which program … It just was not cool to be passionate about intellectual things. This just goes to show what a mistake it is to be blinded by a “prestige” name like Northwestern. The opposite applies as well. This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Kelly is a pediatric genetic … Northwestern's academics are great, the social scene is really what you make of it, and the campus is absolutely beautiful. Available classes include jokes like Marriage 101. The professors were so much more accessible, and I could get to know them! Northwestern is an excellent place to grow as a student, both academically and extra-curricularly. The workload for all of my classes seemed overwhelming at one point, but the professors themselves do seem to care about their students and their wellbeing. This is the reason Northwestern is suitable for a person like me. I remember that I would get homesick for the university when I went home for breaks. Although I am only a Freshman, everyone has been incredibly kind and helpful, both while I toured and as I prepare for move-in day. They didn't want to make up results in lab just to get out of a Saturday lab session earlier. The MA Counseling psych is accredited CACREP. I would say that it wasn't the best experience and definitely not the equivalent of in-person classes. If … The student body, by and large, didn’t seem to show much intellectual passion. Nothing has to change. My fraternity was a very positive experience, and I loved living in Evanston; close enough to Chicago to enjoy the city, far enough to enjoy a high quality of life. 143 answers, Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate? The students here are wonderful as well; you are exposed to so many different ideas on a daily basis and I think that is what makes us so special. The work and stress catches up to you, so having people to talk to definitely helps. What could this possibly be? Northwestern University has done far more than serve as an institution for me. Grants and scholarships are given out to those who can't pay the huge tuition and fees, but then they're left to figure out how to get winter clothes, understand their living situation, and find resources on campus that'll help them through the classes they have to take that ask for 4 different computer programs and overpriced textbooks. Very competitive engineering classes. The professors and university staff are very hands-on and has open availability for the students to ask about anything. As I sat down in the room of creativity, students received five sheets of loose leaf. Not only was my tour guide very kind and patient, but she was also very informative about life at Northwester, whether you're a freshman or a senior. Catalogs & Search Tools Explore our catalog, find databasess and journals, or locate books in our stacks. We are leaders in preparing psycho-dynamically-informed, culturally responsive, clinical mental health counselors to promote the mental health and wellness of people. The school excels in so many areas - journalism, theatre, engineering, etc - and you get to mingle with all of them. This school has forever changed my career and will continue to do so as I work towards graduation. I accept a lot of the blame for what happened to me socially -- because of my mental problems, I became a bitter, sarcastic, sometimes even mean person, just not fun to be around. They didn’t seem to care much about what they were studying because they planned to go to law or med school. Academically, professors are eager to help. I'm only a freshman at Northwestern, so I honestly don't have the most experience here yet. Northwestern is an engaging community with supportive peers and intelligent professors. Although I love writing, poetry was not my strong suit. My only minor issue is that my schedule won't be finalized until I meet with an advisor on campus after moving in. Connect with your peers, professors and other counseling professionals during virtual … What I do know, though, is that the sense of community here is amazing. After 4 years spent on the beautiful north shore of Chicago, I couldn't rave more about Northwestern. This school has provided me with a new perspective on life. Greek life is not the only means of becoming involved on campus. "Northeastern University is an incredible establishment that prepares students to enter the workforce and make an immediate difference after they graduate. However, there is also a great balance with extracurricular activities. Both programs are offered on an accelerated, traditional, and part-time basis. Evanston is an ok suburb, but the winter makes it a tough place to live. Everyone seems so excited, smart, and creative; I can't wait to get started! Everyone on campus is very friendly and inviting: I have yet to meet a person here that isn't willing to help out or just talk. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. You're surrounded by the most affable, exciting, and intelligent people you will ever meet, and it's truly the place to be. Northwestern has already sparked my interest due to its notable biology department and astounding student feedback. This was a major deciding factor for me, as I was allowed to pursue both a science and music degree at the same time. Also, the professors, with some exceptions, weren’t friendly or accessible to students. So what does this mean for you? Frat life helped lots, I did not take any online classes I did not take any online classes I did not take any online classes. I sort of pulled myself halfway out of this by the end of sophomore year, but my social anxiety was still a huge unresolved issue, and I had more or less lost my friends (this CAN happen -- college is socially cutthroat, and friendships will wither if you fall out of touch with people, especially if social interaction doesn’t come easy to you). Glassdoor has 9 Northwestern Counseling & Support Services reviews submitted anonymously by Northwestern Counseling & Support Services employees. The drawbacks come with it being insanely competitive, which can breed a toxic culture. 144 answers, What is the stereotype of students at your school? Not a person, or a city, or a state, but a direction. Courses are very rigorous and getting A's is very challenging- my first quarter there as a transfer student I did nothing but study to build my GPA footing and still got 4 A- grades (meaning A was not achievable for me). Tuition in the MA Counseling Psychology at Northwestern … I really love the university! Clinical Psychology MA Program. The portals used to access assignments and view personal account information is easy to maneuver and read. The only issue with this is that the school almost entirely stops helping after admission. Overall, I love my school and think it's the best fit for me. I feel as though I am a better learner because of Northwestern. I love Northwestern! I was very competitive with my friends to see who could get into the most prestigious school. If you don’t know what you want to do before you come to Northwestern, you likely won’t know what you want to do when you leave Northwestern. Like any top university there will be academic pressure and the winters are undeniably cold but I couldn't think of a better place to spend four years. I made it through, though, and I learned a lot from it, and I still would highly recommend Northwestern to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves academically and make friends in the process. A few years after finishing at NU, I went to a well-regarded graduate program at a state school, and I had SUCH a better experience there. I went to the student counseling center, and they told me there was a six-week wait for an appointment… it was my second-to-last quarter at that point, and it just didn’t seem worth it. Both programs at Northwestern offer clinical hours at The Family Institute. For bright, motivated students, Northwestern is a terrific place to pursue higher education. In addition I you hate a class it is over much sooner. You get an Ivy League level education with the feel of a state university. 84 answers, What's unique about your campus? Loving the content, professors and my cohort. Taking classes here is much different than taking classes anywhere else. I was somehow placed into this tiny all-male dorm no one had ever heard of (it doesn’t exist anymore), where the other guys were oddballs like me. Basically, I had a horrible experience at Northwestern, in large part because of my mental health issues and the university’s awful response to them. After testing, a genetic counselor will meet with you to review your results and the implications of any findings. This program (and the quarter system) makes it possible for me to graduate with two bachelor degrees in five years. There are many opportunities to get involved in academics and extra-curricular activities, and great facilities. A degree from Northwestern already speaks volumes, but you will also learn many skills that will open up doors bigger than the ones that your degree opens. I had fallen through the cracks. Northwestern University has laid the ground work for innovation. The student body is extremely liberal and progressive. It was unfortunate that the tuition was not lowered to be fair for students. The professors and university staff are very hands-on and has open availability for the students to ask about anything. The information on this site is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid. 10 answers, Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CA and NV residents). I’ll give an example. Throughout the period we’d spill our thoughts and share our knowledge amongst the peers. Forget about prestige -- it’s doesn’t matter. didn't take online classes because I only visited campus, but their info sessions were good and very helpful, beautiful campus, had cool painted rocks on the shore, great location, nice ppl, obviously very high quality academics, Northwestern offered a good amount of cultural diversity but felt upper-class, with some socioeconomic diversity. In the midst of these mental health problems, I neglected my education. This program requires that students take part in 2 – 2.5 years of … CACREP-accredited. By that point, it seemed like everyone else had settled into their own social circles and wasn’t interested in making more friends. When I entered the university, I was a very socially awkward young man with lots of intellectual interests -- sort of a dork, frankly, although I did like to party a bit, and I was fun around close friends. Find, Borrow, Request . I feel like this is one of he few school where I, as and engineering school, can TA a dance class in the school of communications. The University Career Services at Northwestern aims to empower students to “assess, explore, decide and act” on their future professional goals, according to its website. For those who don't own a high-performance computer, the library computers seem to be the only option to use many class-required programs, as the "loaner laptop" system the school has in place is not only limited (1st come 1st serve basis), it is also inefficient and shrinking due to it being moved away from under the Student Enrichment Services into the main school library, all because of the large budget cuts the school puts into effect (as a result of them investing heavily into the athletics program which only benefits a small population of the school). The school also has a rigorous curriculum, which is great for people who like to be challenged. The most qualified professors teach here and it is such an honor to get to learn from them. It's perfectly situated so close to Chicago, and the academics, sports, and extracurriculars are all amazing! The staff here cares and the people are absolutely amazing. But sophomore year was like a “perfect storm” for me. Northwestern is a great place for people of all kinds. We … I was not only challenged intellectually, but I grew in greater knowledge of my identity and my purpose in life. This balance is made even more difficult to keep in place as a good portion of the teaching faculty performs in a sub-par fashion, making the students work even harder to teach themselves much of, if not all, the material which they should be getting taught. One of them was this intellectual guy who liked to talk about history, politics, etc. COVID-19 Update: To help students through this crisis, The Princeton Review will continue our "Enroll with Confidence" refund policies. However, my e-learning experience has been nothing short of excellent which allows me to believe that on-campus will be absolutely wonderful. I felt like I wasn’t a real student at Northwestern, that I didn’t belong there. If you start comparing yourself to others around you then it can get pretty daunting, but instead if you focus more about you and what you want to accomplish the opportunities are open to you. In the end, my experience there only worsened my anxiety and ruined my self-esteem and left me with all this baggage that I spent the next decade working through. I am happy with my decision to continue my education at Northwestern University. We are a diverse and unique community. I am so happy to be able to call NU my home for at least the next three years, the only thing I wish that could change is how expensive going to this university is. Midterms are about 3 weeks and 6 weeks in, and then finals are in the 10th week, and it was a little overwhelming to take big tests so soon in the year when I was still trying to adjust to life on campus. I tried “putting myself out there” and joined student organizations to make friends, but I couldn’t break through with anyone. NU might be a blast for people who want to go Greek, but if you are a sort of awkward, quirky, intellectual person like me, think hard before you go there. The office offers resources on … Northwestern University currently offers an innovative counseling program that offers a specialization in Child and Adolescent Counseling. Many times I’ve driven by Northwestern, hoping to have the opportunity to visit the campus. Very high touch program for it to be a full online program. Everyone here is definitely intelligent and because there is a significant amount of both liberals and conservatives, there are a lot of interesting conversations. Northwestern is named after a direction: northwest. Rigorous and competitive learning environments await those who are admitted to Northwestern. I have had the pleasure of spending two incredible academic years as a students at Northwestern University--and I am beyond pumped to continue my education here for two more years until I graduate in June 2019. There's something for everyone on campus and the smaller class size makes you feel more at home. There are a variety of career advising and course help opportunities available. I took classes online due to the pandemic. We come from all around the globe, from all 50 states and from more than 100 different countries. Always moving forward. This college has been claimed by the college or a college representative. The quarter system puts them off of almost every other school's schedules, greatly limiting time on breaks that could be spent with friends at other institutions. While athletics are not the main focus of the campus culture, students still rally around the teams and revel in the occasional "Cinderella" season. That first year was actually great. But there are always wonderful, supportive friends to get you through the toughest exams, go out with you on weekends, and grow together with. Every social interaction was agony. For assistance contact 855-547-1851, 24/7. I often get phone calls and emails from NU asking me to donate money as an alum… these infuriate me. I am extremely bitter about this to this day. It was taboo to have conversations about political or intellectual topics. 60% of the students go for free, so if you have any money you are paying an exorbitant tuition to subsidize someone else. Northwestern is exactly what it advertises—beautiful, compassionate, and alive with curiosity and wonder. It has given me more than I thought it would, in terms of experiences, friends, and connections. Further, there is a push by the university of making it "accessible to everyone", meaning that even those in financial hardships can attend and not worry too much about being able to afford food and housing. As a journalism major in Medill, there's also an extensive alumni network which is very involved in student life and lots of opportunities outside of the classroom that students are encouraged to take advantage of. 16 answers, When you step off campus what do you see? Because of the incredible support that we have, everyone will find a path that they truly love, a field that they can dedicate their whole lives to and feel fulfilled at the end of it.