Overview. Topics: ... 2020 List of Goods Produce by Child Labor and Forced Labor; Life in June wasn’t the worst it’s been this year. What will 2021 bring? The Global Catastrophe Recap report for June from Aon Benfield’s Impact Forecasting highlights the outbreak of severe thunderstorms that affected … The COVID-19 pandemic. Life in June 2020. Sponsored by: Research & Trends. The United States has the most cases globally with over 15 million. The past year has been an eventful one in Cambodia, characterised – and marred – by crises like the global Covid-19 pandemic and severe local flooding, and here, at the start of the new year, The Post looks back on a dozen key issues that shaped our 2020. Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old Black man, was fatally shot by police near the restaurant’s drive-thru on June 12. Within hours of the World Health Organization’s declaration of a pandemic on March 11, 2020, World Vision launched its largest-ever global emergency response.. As of December 9, worldwide COVID-19 cases have surpassed 68 million, and more than 1.5 million people have died. I feel conflicted because it means they’re traveling for fun, but it also means money for me. The report provides figures on … Which isn’t saying a whole lot. Impact Forecasting, Aon Benfield’s catastrophe model development team, today launches the latest edition of its monthly Global Catastrophe Recap report, which evaluates the impact of the natural disaster events that occurred worldwide during June 2015. We thank Aon for sharing this reflection on the impact of catastrophic events across the globe in 2018. Insured Loss Economic Loss Top 10 Losses Annual Loss Thought Leadership. Click the buttons below to read our recap of the airline sector and gold market for June 2020. Demonstrators set fire to a Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta on June 13. Global Catastrophe Recap. Here's a list and timeline of all the crazy things that happened in 2020. 2020, 700-page, all the bad things that happened in 2020, how's 2020 been, man, recap, someone sums up 2020, spot-on summary of the year 2020, Summary, the year 2020, viral, worst things that happened in 2020 To view the full Impact Forecasting July 2020 Global Catastrophe Recap report, please follow the link: Along with the report, users can access current and historical natural catastrophe data and event analysis on Impact Forecasting’s Catastrophe Insight website, … On the other hand, gold had its best quarter in four years. Futures for the yellow metal topped $1,800 an ounce for the first time since 2012, as the ongoing global pandemic boosts demand for perceived “safe haven” assets. CHICAGO, IL - Impact Forecasting, Aon Benfield's catastrophe model development team, today launches the latest edition of its monthly Global Catastrophe Recap report, which evaluates the impact of the | eTurboNews | Trender | Reise nyheter på nettet But, at least it wasn’t cold or raining all the time. Published: June 6, 2019. Catastrophe Insight. I had a few pet sitting gigs which hasn’t been happening. Annual Climate & Catastrophe Report. View All Thought Leadership. Format: Whitepaper. 2020 was full of major, world-shifting events.