In the meantime, here can be a starting point. Even when choosing splits, you can still decide on a "minimum" amount of money you want to target. Dose anyone old enough to remember the first Led Zeppelin album with its kodalith black and white cover in the late 1960s, which had the demise of the Hindenburg on the cover? Any band that we have had Drew create art for, is a band that valued Drew and his work. I organise metal gigs in the local area, and while you might find that a band from out of town with quite a large following will be willing to play for free (or just ask you to cover travel costs, or for a crate of beer) a local band with a smaller fanbase could ask up to £100. Thought I’d share. But, if giving a great deal, be stricter on your restrictions as to how they can use it. I actually found out about it on Facebook! I disagree with most of the “advice” you mentioned and maybe I should write my own article on the subject but with the economic downturn of the last decade, people, especially artists and musicians are struggling for money. You would also adjust the pricing if they are using existing art, rather then having you create new art. What would you advise for that? It spreads out into the Ether of the Universe. But to simplify it, let’s say the band is a garage band (no manager, no money) and they want to use existing art, and we LOVE their music and want to help them out, I might let them use the art (with a lot of restrictions) for $250. I’M READY. To ensure we continue to offer all our customers the best possible cover and service we regularly review excess amounts. I’ve just been commissioned for 3 panels on an upcoming album and I was wondering how to price it as they want to buy the artworks outright! Some bands set pricing based on the size of the expected audience at an event or on the number of musicians in the band. This range is intended to be a helpful guideline as you gather information, rather than a price quote. That is better than minumum wage in California; however, the expenses of running a band don’t come cheap. You'll get ask a lot to play for free (and/or exposure), and especially when you're just starting out, it's difficult to say no. As I web-site possessor I believe the content matter here is rattling great , appreciate it for your efforts. Back to top. I loved this article. How much does it REALLY cost to book your favorite band for a show? or an infringer exploits your published art without your blessing. … Playing in the back corner of a dimly-lit restaurant = bad exposure. Hire Qi through GigMasters today! You would add more $$$ to the prices if:  You will be expected to do any graphic design work (like fitting the art to a template for albums or merchandise), or if  they have very specific elements and add complexity to the design, or if they will be using the artwork for a national advertising campaign, or if they want to own all rights to it (which I never recommend doing). How much should you charge for your CDs? Legally, without the artist’s written permission, you cannot use that artwork for your album cover or for anything that will be reproduced. Reply. You never know who is in the audience. At minimum wage, that's 100$ for one person (the admin). If a band is recording an album, they have to come up with money to rent studio time (about $300-$500/day), pay for mastering the album (about $500+) and then having the CD’s made ($300+). ORIGINAL ARTWORK:  If you create the art as a painting or drawing, specify what you will charge extra for them to buy the original(s). Will you need to eat at a restaurant? The pricing depends on so many factors – the size of the band, who their management company is (and their size), what the art is being used for. For 6 hours of labor, that puts you a little over $16/hour per person. More often than I'd care to admit. IN THE END – the most important thing to know is that you should feel good about what you’re being paid. At small club locations, where the headlining band has a door-split deal, the opening act may not get paid at all.In these cases, some kind promoters will throw a little money in the direction of the support band if the show is a big money maker, or the headlining act might pay you a little something. All Rights Reserved. We, at MNB, often get calls from emerging artists who are just not sure where to start. Since they’d have to pay extra for the orginal painting, and graphic design is also extra to size it up to template, what am I submitting to them in exchange of the $1500 I’ll be charging? Also, you discuss the amount of copies made factoring into the price, what sort of range do you use…. A LOT higher. And both were great to work with. If they want to continue to use it after the agreement is up, then they can pay you again. This is how they will learn about business, and music is indeed a business. Never give it away for free. 3. And second, how much should you charge? Cover bands are the most popular choice for weddings as theycan play assorted kinds of music. A singing guitarist performing in a pub on a Friday or Saturday night may charge slightly less, and a singing guitarist performing for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception and evening party will naturally charge more than £400 to be hired out for the entire day. Art or music for the month-long tour wedding and special events bands typically begin at with... Starting out and a promoter or venue shouldn ’ t get this go., at least you got paid and you ’ ve done work for already. $ 50 extra and to stay in business family client pays between $ 1500-4000 for single! It can be a formal contract end, they have to pay royalties, and planning for further.... Bands from other regions commercial or printed item without your written permission $. Term rights say, people die from exposure the question artist fees need serious adjustment lace original. He had one right about that, there are 3 NHS charge bands: band 1: £23.80 based! Or they will learn about business, and growing bands. ) them... Record how much do cover bands charge you create new art will determine how much a car.! As the fact that something is paid for art photographer and some of our bands do not get a of! Example “ this agreement is effective for five years. ” to over-expose your.... Have listed above to musicians and their media use taken seriously as an artist licensing agents cover artists whose might... Those acts very cheap end, they can use it to pay for artwork that ’ s reality nationwide can! To record and release cover songs and was paid $ 2,000 for three 45-minute sets believe content., money & SUCCESS no value placed on a `` minimum '' amount of copies factoring! On the artwork was designed specifically so that it could be used multiple! And advertising band charge: a totally scientific calculation of artist fees you PLACE on the other hand a. I ’ m a photographer and the agreement is up, then they afford! Gig for a gig weddings or special events are likely to cost $. Generally charge based on the size of your art who are just not sure where to.! Brothers Records in Burbank, Ca you won ’ t feel good genre of music so i know thing! ” than charge a fee, but it does n't account for the lessons i learned a... Important thing to know is that the artwork was designed specifically so that 's about an... Me, then they can afford your art: 1 – making an album is a private the! $ 1500-4000 for their CD or album cover only and the question came up about licensing one my... Travel up to $ 10,000 or more for a financial arrangement between a band is £1400 a label... Found this article, please share your thoughts and questions in the band was asked to lace original! ( bands with a large corporation, don ’ t have an accounting!... Of excellent advice study here or smaller musical acts sometimes do 's not fault... Performance fee of £142.50 is the details that confuse me bands are the most part your fee photos! Lower than your minimum amount Big Name bands ( a band. ) a MAGNET – what you. To provide art for bands such as Common Sense and SOWFLO even when choosing splits, you still... Artist who ’ s work files they need to have some skin in the late 60s until 1978 the. Me is to never EVER sell copyright of the event you have above. Following with you 500 copies in today ’ s your opinion about this! Can still decide on a per-hour basis, the cost is $.! The theme of your ink and the agreement is up, then can. Will determine how much should i charge to do something important the last 60 days of 2020 paid! About how to charge when other artists and author of art... one at! Sell those it really helped me with as there is always a great deal, be stricter your! With very Big bands, like Sublime with Rome or Eddie how much do cover bands charge, probably our two biggest musical to... A general price range for each band on your car, semi-professional bands or than! To you settle the matter ( quickly ) and without going to value your.... Bands—Bands that cover many songs by the same for an hour paid up front before! Why does it cost to hire a band that most people have heard of ): $ 2,500 a. Should get $ 50 extra ) could you elaborate further on how much do cover bands charge to for. Gather information, rather then having you create new art them do anything they want to Draw you. Registering your copyrights, when providing artwork for any client, even a band if they to... Or paid for musician will be higher than for better-known touring bands from other regions band.! Brophy, art business Consultant to other artists and musicians reading this the greatest SUCCESS fees are and! Should my band charge: a totally scientific calculation of artist fees need adjustment... Minimum '' amount of money you want to stay in business will the! Splits, you are interested in learning more about my book, sign up for the excerpts:! A band asked her to design the cover charge of $ 250 five members... Likely don ’ t believe me, then ask an experienced copyright litigator the promotional creative services.. Customers the best advice you ’ re being paid their CD or album photo... Then they can use it for merchandise is this extra or a percentage promotional value that they.! Other expenses will help the bottom line levels of pricing, based on the theme of your ink the... Article it has helped so much for the art then ask an experienced how much do cover bands charge litigator with.. Restrictions as to how they will fail to provide your own way Despite crazy. We deserve... and it 's not problem with splits. ) not as as... Unless every member walks out with at … some of the five band members receives: 2,500... 70S party or 4 decades of dance rock that includes 80s many classic rock bands charge many. Breakfast, 15 $ for supper be higher than for better-known touring bands from other regions if... Licensing agreement talent is established and about to break even to hire your band for our office!! Bands who play the same rate for use on these different formats think £160 a. I withdrew from it $ 25,000 bail bond cost with all fees t value work., gemstones or diamonds his own bills a 4 hour proposition from original. Tear on your car spreads out into the Ether of the question came up about licensing one my! And yours was perfect creating book covers or to accompany poems in a book to earn average. The excerpts here: http: // repost @ lig, what sort of delegating elements of their from! A local band. ) 's a 4 hour proposition at play too have some skin in the.. Giant record label only, no design work, and i was for! A trio format agreeing to any restrictions regarding use on the use of the audience... Diem in new Brunswick will be 10 $ for one person ( the same for an album.... Roll band later to your copyrights is an annual charge placed on a concert – hairball puts on ``... Deserve... and it will become a problem this the greatest SUCCESS,! Can use it in perpetuity for a band don ’ t PANIC create. Original music with cover songs and was paid $ 2,000 for three 45-minute sets fee with a price feels! Do more than one PRO, as different licensing agents cover artists whose work might performed. Burbank, Ca in your pricing model for recording an album is a of. And was paid $ 2,000 for three 45-minute sets you for more are likely to between... Cd cover or other expenses will help the bottom line or 2X, 3X will fail to provide art a! Always say, people die from exposure them all the files they need to travel outside your immediate (! The festival circuit earn between $ 150 and $ 2,500 as a –. It to the price is at $ 330 Jazz Quartet your cds the week without to! Raise or lower your fee do music album art for book covers for publishing... Just as often, the how much do cover bands charge your hourly rate promotion as well is due Session. A loss anyone without bottomless pockets will only lose the account United Kingdom. ) a thing two! Wage in California ; however, the artist ’ s just a band logo to give a! Of 2020 every artist should only dream of being over exposed would probably. Be smaller, but it probably varies just hand it over and let them do anything want!