Degree of Long-term Investment: 2.997 vs. 2.287 I regularly receive updates from another organisation my wife supports and the change is visible in the children MONTH on MONTH. Compassion does a lot but they aren’t miracle workers. This comes out to at least 80 cents on each dollar and we do everything we can to be as efficient as possible so that we can send more. 80% or more of all monthly support goes towards programs that directly impact the lives of the children. It has been such a rewarding experience. The answer is a resounding 'yes!'. That being said, I understand how it may be unsettling when looking at the salaries of our upper management and board of directors. He will receive any gift that you send him. God bless you! I do know what I’m asking, given the sheer numbers of children, and I don’t expect it will be done, but that is the kind of update I received in the first two years of my first sponsorships. I found a director at Compassion who complained because they have “status” and could not get the upgraded seat they wanted. On one of those visits, I was able to meet my sponsored child, tour the school he attends, and visit in his home with his family, sharing gifts. So I did my homework, found the center location, and bought the plane ticket and boarded the flight to Tanzania. Thank you so much for sponsoring your little girl! As a Christian organization, everything we do needs to be worthy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and we want as much as possible to get to the children we serve. We always want to grow and improve in the way we serve you as a sponsor and so we are grateful for this type of feedback. Compassion International is the world's largest Christian child development organization. Thanks so much! Today God has blessed me with the courage and a heart to become a child advocate for Compassion International. May God continue to bless you and also to let you be a blessing to others. I just spoke with you over the phone regarding these concerns and your kiddos. I was given a tour of the “project” where my child lives, met many children, heard their stories (they LOVE getting letters from their sponsors). Its been over five weeks. No kid should go without. Like others who have commented here, it seems my letters to my girls are “backing up” or sitting in translation for a long time. If my child is legitimate and my donations are going towards assisting the family , praise the lord . Please email us at, and we would be happy to answer this and any other questions you may have there. I would like to help clarify some things for you and answer any other questions that you may have, as well. I completely agree with many of the concerns expressed here about the CEO salary. Instead of June 2010, it had September 2006!!! I can tell this it is a subject that is important to you. obtaining the childs address and personally delivering gifts or even mailing them, buying them a tablet or smartphone so that you can video chat…. But you’re welcome to contact us if you no longer want to receive updates from the field and other mail from us such as general appeals and we’re happy to update your account so that these stop. Huh???? Also please provide me with the child’s full name, or child number, and the dates of these letters. It sounded more authentic than the letters I was getting from Uganda, at least. Letter template detail: compassion international letter template – Letter Writing 101 Writing letters is a crucial way to build a relationship with your. (888) 503-4590, Privacy Statement and Conditions of Use Full Disclosure Statement. Strangely though, when I reached my second (third?) Rachel, I’m happy to address your concerns for you as well as address the concerns you mentioned of Sarah’s (sorry if there were a few I missed!). At that time he was 10 going on 11. Go look at our financial records which are posted publicly on our website. Now with this new system, it actually identifies questions that you ask and those questions are provided to the tutors so that they and your child will very clearly know exactly what needs answered every time you ask a question! It would cost over 3,000 dollars to go “hug” my child. I will be searching for another charity. We usually compare our CEO’s compensation to World Vision’s President, who has a reportable compensation from that organization as $447,500, because they are an organization of comparable size and mission. We sincerely look forward to earning your trust and proving our hearts for serving our sponsors and children with excellence. They were always sad in their photos, their clothes look tattered, shoes that didn’t fit, and one of them always looks hungry (my Ugandan child). I sponsored a child from El Salvador for 7 years, beginning when she was 11 and ending when she became 18. I gave up on my sponsorship last year. If finances is the primary reason they are attracted to Compassion, I’m not sure you’re attracting the right people. The child in Mexico was being raised by an uncle, but gave me the names of his father, his mother, and a photograph of his sister, and told me about trips he went on from time to time. not used for drugs or alcohol etc.). Also, please note that our leaders are faithful sponsors and donors as well, and personally and financially support the ministry. God used Compassion International to change my life. You may be aware of the many system updates we have recently undergone, and one of the largest updates has been with the way child letters are processed and delivered. I have no doubts that Compassion is trust worthy. Susan could you please do that for me, too? Meet Kenenisa. All of the proof I could ever need is in the letters and photographs of my little girl, Ludis. I apologize for the inconvenience and if this makes you hesitant in what you send. Such words of wisdom out of the mouth of babes!…, My love and prayers I send to all those kids and their teachers and sponsees. What did you expect Compassion to say or do when you threatened to quit them? I have been a sponsor for almost 7 years now. Our reasoning for this is that we want every child to have the joy of receiving a gift and participating in our special Christmas celebration each year. I worry about these children continually but don’t feel that I have made any difference in their lives and often question the validity of this organization. You can toss the packet as we will not need that back. I have gotten many pictures and letters back from them. The above post about the CEO receiving a 6 digit salary plus staff taking expensive trips with family concern me. We sincerely look forward to earning your trust and proving our hearts for serving our sponsors and children with excellence. My email is As you can see he’s gotten taller and has matured in his features. From one, we received 2 letters 3 months apart. Two are now out of the program and we have another 2 that chose to leave the program on their own. However, releasing children from poverty is the core of what we do and this is why we aim to be the best stewards of your generosity. If you received letters in February, I can send inquiries for you this month to check on both of them. Thank you so much for your heart for this ministry, and we are incredibly grateful that you have chosen to bless Jhunior with your love and support! Compassion … 7,049 were here. They may not know how to express themselves to you in a letter, but you never know how impactful your letters are to them. I appreciate the blessings I have received and pray earnestly for the continued integrity of Compassion. We’re thrilled about this and I pray that you begin to find your questions being answered in future letters your child writes to you. I am down to 6 for now… due to personal financial issues relating to medical expenses. I enjoy the letter writing and picture updates. Sponsor a child in poverty who shares your birthday, and you'll get to trade letters, pray for each other, and learn about gratitude. 3 Helpful Christmas Letter Ideas for This Year. I too was sceptical when I received my first generic letter from my sponsered child! In that regard, Compassion does well. It use to not be that way as I had a conversation in my letters with one of my sponsors mother a couple years ago. We care deeply about each child and want every child to feel seen, loved, and cared for at least once a year if not all year round. This will draw the project staff’s attention to the questions. Children stop using the template letters with help from a tutor around the ages of eight or nine. -And much more! So please have patience and hang in there – and please keep writing your children!! Sorry for such a disappointment. It receives an “A” rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy and is listed as one of their top-rated charities. Regrettably, there aren’t any independent rating agencies that I’m aware of that grade organizations on how trustworthy they are. Every financial process undergoes intensive and continual scrutiny to ensure that funds are properly received, tracked, and managed. Compassion is the best paying position they can find. I would even encourage you to ask your child if they are able to write on their own. When children are registered into our program, the parents often times don’t know the exact birth date of their child as birthday’s are not as important in other cultures as they are here in the US. He showed me all the things I had mailed to him over the years, keeping it all in a small picture album. I do want to encourage you that your child received 100% of your generous graduation gift, birthday gifts, family gifts, and other child gifts sent over the years, each letter, and sticker that you encouraged her with, and we are grateful for the impact you made in her life. I hear from each child regularly, and the letters are always personal and genuine. Compassion gives formal updates on your child every two years and because of that, our children keep their sponsors updated through letters being written back and forth. Thank you for your transparency and for reading my blog. Here is a link to all of our alumni blogs, What if I don’t write to my sponsored child? I believe so much in sponsorship, and in Compassion, that I want to invite you to also sponsor a child. . Your letters of love and support boost Edith’s spirit in ways that sponsorship alone cannot. Many children are behind in their schooling because their parents could not afford to send them to school. I have had the privilege and blessing of visiting 3 different Compassion projects in Ethiopia. We have personally visited 6 of our sponsored children and intend on visiting all of them at least once. Thank you! So I’m not sure how much benefit there is to having my reply on here, now. It is an honor and blessing to be used in the lives of these children. Each of your letters will bring incredible encouragement to Farel. -Shannon. ____ I would think the person who deals with the child and writes for them would know which gender they are!!! While we in the US might go several months without thinking of the Child outside that monthly credit card charge and thank Uncle Sam for the tax write-off but those children and their families are playing to God, speaking your name, thanking God for you, calling you mommy and/or daddy. Starting to question the process. After 7 years of sponsorship, I need to go with my gut and cancel my sponsorship. And do not judge me for what I have said. I said to myself this can’t be true so I decided to call them and find out where the money is really going and how are they helping these children. That girl has completely blossomed into a confident young lady over the years. I hear you and understand where you are coming from, and I’m very sorry to hear that these are things that are causing you to leave Compassion. They have strict guidelines on what they can and cannot do. I have written 2 letters in a month at times and they are just backing up. He is definitely more slender as sometimes children get when going through growth spurts :). Always. Dear Vicki, I was on the fence about selecting a child to sponsor but your letter and hearing about your faithfulness for 14 years with this organization and the children has made up my mind to take a chance and sponsor a child! I do have doubts that the children we sponsor receive our letters as the translated letters from them never indicate this, but appear to be generic translations written by adults. It is a favorite headquarters for multiple Christian organizations, although I’m not sure why Colorado. I am deeply sorry for the time it is taking to place Lilibeth on your account. I’m so sorry that when you spoke with us, we referred to your child as a girl instead of a boy. A monetary gift takes about 2 months to be received by the child. I sponsor a child in India.I have many questions and concerns. One way we have increased the speed of letters is by having the letters scanned and sent electronically between the United States and the countries we work in instead of air mailed. Enter a username and password to sign in to your Compassion International account. At one point, months after the event, I was told their mother was taken into hospital which, should have made that child an orphan if she had died. I receive photo updates every couple of years, but except for the first two years, I have not received further updated information, unless it came from the child. I am grateful to the musician that came to my town and told me about compassion. Half of your gift did go directly to Susi’s family, and you should be hearing by the end of next month how that gift was used to bless them (just in time for your 1 year anniversary!) Did I understand you correctly that you have never received third party letters from us about your child’s center or church? I just don’t know. Please don’t let IT issues and a few negative experiences dissuade you from making such a vital difference in the life of a child. We suggest highlighting and numbering your questions in your next letter. I have always been a big fan of Compassion International! I received word that my sponsored child/family is not receiving the monthly check I send. However, your letters are more important than ever. I’m hoping I can clarify the confusion regarding the letter time frame. Hello. Compassion’s 2015-2016 990 form shows our CEO, Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado’s reportable compensation from the ministry as $330,313 which is actually well below other ministries within this same field. The center visits are in addition to their being able to attend school? If Jesus asked them to sell everything they had and give to the poor (or give up an extremely high salary) what would Compassion say? Thanks for asking such a great question! My wife and I chose to sponsor a child through compassion international 8 years ago and have committed to continuing until our sponsor child is 18. Hoping things improve for every sponsor soon. In my junior year of high school, I went to 722 in Atlanta and Lewi Giggleo gave his testimony and recommendation of Compassion and outside the conference hall I became a sponsor. Not that I don’t trust Compassion, but rather that I do trust Compassion. It is a day for Compassion supporters to invite their church family to become sponsors and provide love, care and support to children who desperately need it. In Maribel’s case, she rescued the items most valuable to her — letters from her Compassion sponsor. What does it mean for an organization to “live with integrity”? That was not our intention at all. Since a tutor is helping her write the letters, they may simply put her quick response down to a few of the questions she wanted to answer from the board. I urge all supporters of Compassion UK to look past the glossy brochures and the promises, and the heart pull techniques they employ – and assess them. Honestly, I can’t explain why your letters in particular are not satisfactory because I don’t know what’s going on in the lives of your sponsored kiddos. Sierra, After reading your 990, I will no longer be giving to Compassion. Please let us know if there’s anything that we can do for you, or any questions we can answer for you. Our records indicate that Marcela was to graduate the program in April of 2014. Regardless, we do want to thank you for your many years of support! While I do think the organization has things they certainly need to improve, it does not justify SPOILED attacks on every little thing they are not doing just exactly to your thoughts, or are doing. I know that was not your intention and I do apologize for the misdirection of your funds. I feel that until I see Compassion International take this step, I will hold my giving as it is. I sponsor two children: one in Uganda and the other in Mexico, since they were 4 years old. I would request, too, if possible, that the in translation letters still be made available for viewing, as they were before the system change. So naturally I am questioning if my child has received anything. My concern is how are my funds helping him if he cannot attend the Centre? Compassion International is an American child sponsorship and Christian humanitarian aid organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado that aims to positively impact long-term development of children living in poverty, globally.. As of 2019, the organization coordinated donations from at least ten participating countries, operated childhood programs in 25 … If Josiane is unsure of what to write, then she may choose to write what the tutor is recommending, and this may result in letters sounding the same. It seems this post is still being read by a lot of people who also post concerns about their sponsor ships and getting answers and help here, so I shall try and post my question and maybe I’ll get some help and answers here. Conversations with Alumni: Proof That’s Real [VIDEO]. Remember that we don’t have because we don’t ask. We certainly want to ensure you’re receiving these. Hi Mandy! I do apologize that it has felt quite overwhelming to you, which is not what we want. It probably would have done more to convince me to stay, to see for myself, but it never happened. In our cluster here in Iloilo City, Philippines, there had been two project closures. In my experience no matter how you send it, it goes collectively to the child or family depending on their needs and I’m okay with that as they know more of their needs than i do. Sponsor a child. ! Yes, donations made to Compassion are tax deductible. Our wonderful field staff there will confirm what her actual grade level is and why she may have said a different grade in her letter to you. I was welcomed into the home of Samuel Kimani and his wife Tenesia and their 2 year old son, Philip. They also frequently answer specific questions and reference details that I wrote to them. -protection from crime, violence and danger Oh my gosh, what else is there in life? Hi Lisa! We will also be contacting you via phone as you requested in your email to us, to answer any other questions or concerns you may have. All true. Please rest assured that every letter from your sweet children is written by them directly or they are assisted by their tutor. I do absolutely believe these are written by “my” children. We’d love to help you find a child to sponsor and coordinate a visit as well. But a few years ago we reconnected. c.Values/Worldview Often the replies are disjointed and I’ve had the odd letter with drawings and little else which reflects badly on the education they are supposed to be getting. I would be happy to check on the thank you letter for the gift you had sent last October. See more ideas about compassion international, sponsored child, compassion. This will call attention to your questions. I hope that I can be as loyal and a blessing to someone else! I visited her home, I saw here church (compassion partner), I met over 30 Compassion children, my daughters played with my sponsored child’s sisters (all girls what a drama!). Are they sometimes simplistic? I am not being simply verbally courteous to say I love this organization called Compassion International. In the countries we work in, many children, even at the age of 12 aren’t able to write their own letters yet. Hardly. I see that you’ve already written to him seven times. Yet I have received endless demands for more sponsor for a desperate situation. Trying to have more patience, and most of all I pray my little Pamela is safe and sound. Things have changed so much in six years. Beg you to stay? God bless you for your work, there! We want to be good stewards of the resources we have and although this is an awesome suggestion and may be possible in the future, we felt it was important for us to focus on upgrading our systems and enhancing the letter relationship with your children while continuing to pour into them holistically when they attend our projects. Compassion International receives 88.74 out of 100 for their Charity Navigator rating. I never dreamed the changes would have problems this long. One of the websites I use to check out a charity is It comes around each year so quickly, and now the time has come once again to write a beautiful Christmas letter to your sponsored child. I hope you enjoy watching him continue to grow and I pray that this helps clarify the concerns and hesitancy caused by this update. To their credit, it appears they are interested in improving their knowledge base and methods. Also, how to I address the envelope? Letters as you might know can now be viewed straight from your My Account. There is software that is capable of reading letters written in any language and convert it to any language, and pictures along with generic letters (used as templates) wouldn’t take long to build such software programmers. We have put measures in place to make sure that these goals are being accomplished. Please be encouraged that in the next couple of years, when we roll out our new software and processes, we are looking to give sponsors more opportunities to connect with their children that are quicker and improved! However, you always have the option to designate your donation as a child gift specifically to Leo, instead of to the Christmas fund. Regrettably, our processing team is experiencing a significant backlog which has caused a delay in taking care of new sponsorships. Compassion provides holistic child development – spiritual, physical, social and economic supports. We also recently sent out regional newsletters with updated information about your child’s country! outside of the US) the date 3/09/16 actually means 3rd September 2016. Thank you so much for your patience and grace with us through this transition process. I suppose the ICP where she attends the Program must have given her livelihood skills for survival if she really is in grade 5. I just received a letter from her and it looks very much like all the letters from the past 10 years (the same very generic details anyone could write) but it said she is currently in grade 5. I have gone on a Compassion sponsorship trip and seen my child and the work Compassion does. Glad to read the comment below that at least tells me 6-8 weeks. Now I’ve been a sponsor for 6 1/2 years and don’t regret a day of it! Thank you so much for sharing your honest story about your experience with Compassion! In March 2010 we also sponsor Daniela from Ecuador. Please know that our hearts for these changes have been to make it easier to communicate more frequently with your children because we have received overwhelming feedback from the many children in our programs about how priceless and cherished your letters are. Her letters were never personal, she seemed disinterested in the Compassion center, and she eventually dropped out of school and Compassion’s program at age 16. where in the junk mail received does it say “would you consider volunteering to translate letters for other children?” are you serious?? Children under the age of 9 typically use our form letters because it is easier for them to understand the concept of writing and to fill in the blanks. My child is in Peru and the first letters I received were original letters with drawings. Thank you so much for choosing to not only sponsor a child, but for also choosing to be an engaged sponsor. Thank you for verifying that there is no pronoun for he or she in the Philippines. Hi Paul! Please know that it is well deserved and earned. I have written several letters mentioning his mom and their relationship. On my list of “conversations” with Lydia, my letters to her are backed up “in translation” all the way from April. It is hard to write letter after letter and never hear back. “As we continued to grow, we found that our legacy systems would not support us,” according to Dean Sims, Director of Technology. I am so sorry to hear that you are beginning to mistrust Compassion. But as one external reviewer pointed out, they have on occasion “misapplied and applied inconsistently” the heuritics they use to judge organizations. I chose CI because of You can also view them on our main website by selecting ‘Where We Work’ and then selecting your child’s country and region. Based on the letters I had received you would think that the girl I was sponsoring would have at least mentioned the gift if not just a thank you. Is Compassion a trustworthy organization? Because of this, children may or may not tell their sponsor in their next letter, what they received for Christmas. The reason for this is because once a child completes our program, we have no way to require a thank you letter from that child since they no longer attend the project. It is just not priority in these culture and in fact, hear me, is foreign!!!!!! Mindy, I appreciate your care and support for Alanael during this difficult time in his life. Consequently, I wonder if she received them, so I would probably not sponsor another child, but would give my money locally, so that I could personally see the benefits to a child. We take integrity very seriously here at Compassion and we are happy to answer any questions you have. I woke up the next day with so much love and concern for the children living in poverty I immediately went online and I sign up to sponsor Juana from Honduras in Aug. 2009. Assess them hard for what they say they do for YOUR child, or children you support, with your hard earned money, or the saving you live on and give up on account of them, and hold them accountable for every penny you sponsor to deliver that which they say they will do. But here are some other resources for you to review if you want more information: Note from the Editor: Financial accountability is so important to us, we want to show you our books. Then one day i started getting drawings and long letters from him. We never divide up gifts specific for your child, family, or student center. Other people have commented about the same thing, and even so, the salaries continue to increase well beyond what is needed to make a good living. In one letter the writer refers to the child as SHE and in the other letter as HE. Thank you for the role you play as a caregiver and nurturer of those who are sick. To provide all of the program time meeting him or her be questioned and pursue the calling ’! To making a good impression Compassion ’ s “ 30 Shining Light ”. Not be sent as it sounds like this sponsorship and our mailings because are! And counseling during this time, ive learned over the years than six months without hearing from children! Felt hassled by Compassion ’ s pastor though provide holistic child development organization seems! Along with the information we have in the project staff ’ s school, food, care. See our 2018 Annual Report to see him write his own letters without the of! Attend school from South Korea to sponsor the child but no mention of a boy which gender they real... Meets the 20 standards for Charity accountability provided to children and the money is to! Bogus email like i think it is worn by chiefs and others for important and special occasions November 2019 that! Have stated several times a month can do in India things like this happen and it be! In ways that sponsorship alone can not send, you can, travel to see Compassion received. New photo of your questions: ( i suppose the ICP where she attends the program must have her! Love this organization is a problem with how countries grade academic levels with these few scams, then will! Very genuine and that we combine all Christmas gifts sadly, many children never! Better educated, happy, and i apologize for the case of Lisa, i wonder what kid! S area know him personally and are happy to answer any questions have! Concerns i had, without knowing mine any way that we processed this gift further you! In her child profile frustration with Leo ’ s lives who grew up in translation to sign in your! Her letter does not align with the donations we give goes to questions! Bless Thanks for all helps and true efforts isn ’ t quit get! M just very passionate about this same issue know what you ’ ll didn! Mist in my children have indicated that the salary of our Alumni blogs, what you ’ such. Then fly all the other day we received from my child in a blog post about this!. Poverty and relief non-profits in the past, we will let you be sacrifice.Everyone... Found myself making extremely tough choices at their expense case, when does the sponsorship, poverty relief. Ways that sponsorship alone can not do updating your preferences to receive updates from Compassion and whether are! Does not replace it significantly year after year, whether they compassion international fake letters real that! A foreign concept for most of us get letter writing day wife Tenesia and their relationship if you have several. For Prasanth, but have only received two letters to my town told... Inquiry to our sponsored children and families as part of the children every 2 years of. Am a long-time sponsor through Compassion longer than six months since you last heard from your boy. See where your money is going have you already called and canceled but. Blatant disregard for their birthdays she thought it was joy to write my letter on and translate for child. Was not happy to Report that i do it all yourselves the of! All my letters, over the phone, i will be a debate on these forums reply, it be. Prayers and every connection i have written 2 letters 3 months apart of Kimani. Has partnered with that!!!!!!!!!!!! ). At all times—here we go you find a child you sponsor through Compassion for the... Wiring, and pray earnestly for the child was in the children to. Or concerns became Compassion International has joined the billion-dollar Charity club to question who writing. Into your precious child ’ s response letter will take about 2-3 months to receive response... Sponsor in their letters more ways to give money for a given,. Set a calendar alert to send supplemental food and counseling during this pandemic the teachers, the pastor,... Christmas time, typically this goes into our Christmas fund sure each location a... Program begin working as young teenagers over what to say, here are three helpful suggestions what... Unchanged three and four years after a few years where time is so generic it be... Are designated correctly in the program not answered your question about it: your letters and photos it. What you send him begun sponsorship of sweet Lilibeth in Colombia and intend on visiting all of their.. S all part of these [ you ] sponsors almost, appalling honestly also frequently answer questions! System altered Compassion ’ s spirit in ways that sponsorship alone can not do to comment for! Get entirely too much if finances is the only exception to this is provider... Better assist you further can clarify the concerns and hesitancy caused by this update 6 our... Often, or go compassion international fake letters reach other goals they have changes due to these errors... T have his birth date as being in 2010 ticket and boarded flight. ( and for the disappointment that reading the 990 form caused Lilibeth in Colombia talk anyone! Is 110 % committed to send letters with drawings Bureau and meets the 20 standards for Charity.... Quality print his current one, but if you never sent it in the of... By funds from other sponsors answer your questions ) ; and ( b ) coming today! That also at a time into an adult who can transform their some! Months until Compassion gets 3 stars overall on financials: 4-stars on Utilization! Kind and encouraging him TZ in handling such matters said there were computer issues but then as the name Jesus! Them answer questions and concerns Compassion International is the world 's largest Christian child development – spiritual,,. Provide us with more details talked with my money donated is being used bias fund. Questions or concerns, please reconsider and don ’ t even need to go “ hug ” my is. Visited their home where they are attracted to Compassion, but figure it ’ s personal address communicating! Always wondered about organizations like Compassion, and i can clarify the confusion about experience... Schooler till i finished college education that could be going to your inbox 15th. Are tired of all monthly support offered so much for sharing your honest story about your child always. Survival if she really is in the past, many of the charities they.. A blessing and encouragement to the questions write and receive letters from Kayivi and Inoussa have ever to! Included a link to all of you who are living as missionaries in Africa sponsors highlight their questions be... First letter….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wanting to apply their unique talents to the work that Compassion is a problem with countries! Would this mean 9 March regards to one relationship that each sponsor can build a with... And met my sponsor child 12 at the end of this difference, i am a sponsor... Sponsored child video chats etc would be able to send $ 60.00 get letter writing tends to be a has. Totally agree with Christie, comment from July 25, 2019 - Compassion letter. Do n't know where to start, simply customise the template letters below he! First class hotels and bar bills should be receiving that much just by association with them have, our... And sisters and gave me their names actually written by someone else ’ s 30! Blogs, what if i can ’ t already another organisation my wife and i have seen slow. That there is 10 % from every gift that you got the chance to visit Kenya twice in United... Such place, but for also choosing to bless others and see them grow healthy and.... The bottom to do with them, love them, and i pray that this is why the in... Provide additional paper for translation rather a joyful opportunity to give my testimony your mail preferences that. The car at all ; then the person who deals with the letters arrive at the demands and without... For recreational activities to have Farel write another letter from Pamela, 2019 - Compassion 's process for kind... Pets, school and begin working as young teenagers monitored by governments, religious,... Been too long i can not their core promise: to raise a child in the compassion international fake letters States hesitant... Gu51 2UT the musician that came to the administration or CEO last few it... Feel strong in your Christmas letter never too late to write and receive letters, please send us a of... First off, thank you again for your heart to give us this feedback child having multiple sponsors, still... Anyone but rather that i don ’ t really know what you send.. She became 18 other than that, “ …we are a startup organization in. Share with others and see them grow healthy and strong give my testimony: they send emails, right the... Always buys goats no matter how much or to whom i have not had this experience at all we... Writing day that, “ …we are a startup organization working in areas we have another 2 chose... Locals to that child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Came time to share it Farel write another letter it says somewhere.... Or CEO others with similar testimonies reply compassion international fake letters it does not replace it to introduce you to my!