Find them here. Looking for drawings of other Simpson Strong-Tie® products? Mechanically Galvanized Expansion Anchor (50-Pack) The Wedge-All anchor is a non-bottom bearing, The Wedge-All anchor is a non-bottom bearing, wedge-style expansion anchor for use in solid concrete or grout-filled concrete masonry. DUCTILE UNDERCUT ANCHOR. Stop Drill Bit - For Atomic+ Undercut® Anchors. Wedge-All 3/8 in. x 3 in. The 3/8" anchor solution approved for 3 ¼" concrete thickness: The Strong-Bolt 2 anchor can be installed in cracked concrete with a minimum thickness of 3 ¼", including concrete-over-metal decking. Simpson Strong Tie Co., 800-999-5099, SUPERPLUS UNDERCUT ANCHOR : The LIEBIG SUPERPLUS“ is available in zinc plated carbon steel and A4 stainless steel. Concrete Fasteners, Inc. 1231 E 26th St Cleveland, OH 44114 United States of America Call us: 1-216-357-7433 The company’s research is Get More Info. Dual embossments on each clip segment: Enables clip to undercut into the concrete thereby increasing follow-up expansion should a crack occur. Wedge anchor for cracked and uncracked concrete. Atomic+ Undercut® Anchor Type 316 Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty Undercut Anchor. Its design offers the high load capacity and reliability of an undercut anchor... SSI ANCHORS: Contact Secure Systems International (SSI) Pte Ltd @ (65) 9173 4630 / / Undercut anchors (such as Simpson Strong-Tie® Torq-Cut™) Adhesive anchors (such as Simpson Strong-Tie® SET-XP®, AT-XP®, and ET-HP®) Anchor types not listed above are considered “Alternative Materials.” The following are anchors qualified as such: Screw anchors (such as Simpson Strong-Tie® Titen HD®) These products are used to secure the frame of homes and buildings. High Strength mechanical undercut anchor that effectively transfers load into the concrete structural member. A 1-piece clip ensures uniform holding capacity that increases as tension is applied. The Torq-Cut self-undercutting anchor is a heavy-duty, high-capacity anchor designed and tested for use in cracked and uncracked concrete under static and seismic loading conditions. WEDGE ANCHOR. View Product. Anchor provides mechanical interlock. >> Home > Products > Anchor Systems > Information & Downloads. Simpson Strong-Tie designs, engineers and manufactures steel connectors, shearwall panels, and anchor and fastening systems. The Ultraplus undercut anchor provides mechanical interlock with the concrete, rather than frictional grip inside the hole typical of expansion anchors. It has laboratory facilities that are dedicated to fi nding solutions to improve the way structures are designed and built. DSD 1/4 in. Download DWG and DXF Drawings for Anchor Systems products. Simpson Strong-Tie TCAT621212 Torq-Cut Anchor Through-Set 5/8 x 12-1/2", 4 ct. Get More Info. Specifies and contractors trust Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor for optimum performance under the most demanding structural applications. Embedment depth marks for easy and accurate installation. Our family of mechanical anchoring solutions includes everything from wedge to screw anchors, which answer the needs and requirements of today's architects, engineers, and contractors. View Product. Zinc-Plated Split-Drive Anchor Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical Anchor are Simpson Strong-Tie mechanical Anchor are designed to install easily and securely into a variety of base materials, including concrete, grouted or hollow CMU and brick. View Product. Atomic+ Undercut® Anchor Zinc Plated Carbon Steel - Heavy Duty Undercut Anchor. x 5 in.