Direct quote of the description: High-temperature, extreme-pressure grease with 3% moly-10 to 350°F (-23 to 177°C) Use with pins and bushings, ball joints Use where shock load and sliding contact … The thickner and other additives in grease will catch the dust and lint on carry guns. Others say that the Moly actually coats abrasive contaminants to prevent them from scoring the moving surfaces inside of the bearing. At Graco, we recommend that any grease used in our automatic lubrication systems be limited to 5% solid content or less. 4.6 out of 5 stars 165. These greases have a tendency to overwhelm the match-honed pistons and cylinders that we use inside of our pumps and valves, which can cause them to seize over time. There are only a few other thickeners that are not compatible with lithium complex, when using one of the Graco greases. $7.99 $ 7. I use moly grease sparingly on the spring, spring guide, top hat and the cocking lever shoe and slot. The grease guns provide a combination of strength, versatility, and innovation that have made Lucas Oil a leader in the automotive industry. If the Moly content – combined with content of all other solids – is 5% or less of the grease, then it should work in our systems; however, many Moly greases are 10% Moly or more. Manufacture /Supplier : Anti-Seize Technology 2345 N. 17th Ave. Franklin Park, IL 60131 Phone: 847-455-2300 Fax: 847-455-2371 Web: Stable from -20 to 300 degrees F, an outstanding rust barrier, and makes your slide feel like it’s on ball bearings. I asked a number of dealers and they said that they dont have grease gu Prop shaft greasing - Page 6 - Toyota 4Runner Forum - … Continue filling the grease until you see clean grease coming out of the filing place. Moly is a great lubricant and is added to a lot of different greases and gear oils. This is important to consider when refilling a reservoir that already contains grease. It is not … But where our pumps and valves are concerned, Graco recommends keeping the total solid content at 5% or less, including Moly content. Contains a special polymer for … Moly grease is a special formulation that is used in situations where metal slides against mental under high pressure and is generally used on pinion gears and splines. Whatever the application-specific reason is, Moly is used because it sticks to other materials and helps protect bearings that are not lubricated consistently. Molybdenum disulfide (Moly) is a solid additive, most commonly used in extreme pressure applications. 1/2 oz tube can last for a long time. ... Moly-Graph® Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Lithium Grease, 3 Pc. With automatic lubrication, there may not be the same need for Moly because every bearing will receive the grease it requires to keep it lubricated and purged of contaminants. Ford grease is a general purpose grease that is fortified with molybdenum disulfide for higher-pressure protection and anti-wear for disc brake wheel bearings. After using traditional oils for lube, I realized that the grease the factory uses is the right technique. Pistol grip … Moly Grease; 14 Ounce; Moly EP Grease is a premium quality lithium that contains molybdenum disulfide for added protection against wear where medium to severe service applications exist. To learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your preferences, see our Privacy Policy. Lubrication grease is a mixture of oil and soap or another thickener. The other problem in selecting a grease is getting one of the right … After curing, it won't attract lint or dirt; great for protecting carry pistols and stored firearms. Monday-Friday Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 26. Thank you for contacting Graco. Cajun Gun Works uses reasonable efforts to portray accurate, up-to-date information. Grease with moly (molybdenum disulfide) and grease with graphite have excellent resistance to wear and can withstand high-load and high-pressure applications. Mag 1 733 Grey EP Moly Lithium Grease - 14 oz., (Pack of 10) 3.6 out of 5 stars 15. The portion of the grease that determines the compatibility is the thickener. Automatic lubrication solves the problem of inconsistent lubrication by reducing the human element. Moly is a solid. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Cajun Gun Works’ unique blend of moly and a base that keeps the lube in place. Hear how those using Graco’s innovative automatic lubrication equipment solutions extend the life cycle of their on- and off-road mobile equipment, reducing unplanned downtime and maintenance costs. Your order may be eligible for Ship to Home, and shipping is free on all online orders of $35.00+. 3 Oz. Step 3: Grease U-Joint: Using grease gun and the right size grease gun coupler, start filling the grease into the filling home. Develops 6,000 psi. Molygrease is molybdenum disulfide, a metal powder essentially, suspended in a grease. This will help to ensure a long, dependable life from Graco industrial lubrication products. Grease compatibility is an issue because of what can happen when two incompatible greases are introduced to each other. I have only had one grease do that in an air conditioned range, and it was an el-cheapo wheel grease. There are a few different explanations for why Moly is used in greases. 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Central Time. This silvery black solid compound, which naturally occurs as the mineral molybdenite, is classified as a metal dichalcogenide. Sentry Tuf Hi Slip Grease Nano Moly Lubricant Guns Knives Tools Syringe 12 CC. moly grease, Air guns, Airgun Forum. Order Grease & Lube for your vehicle and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Moly is a solid. The Moly particles are intended to fill in tiny imperfections in the machined surfaces and protect against “welding” during shock loading and heavy loads; however, the material is also known to stick to surfaces and cause a coating to build up. Choose from our selection of moly grease, including high-pressure grease, high-pressure bearing grease, and more. We'll help you choose the right product for your use. Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease So, if you’re walking off into the bush or are an operator operating operationally in some capacity, or just want a product you don’t have to reapply often (even if you should) Mil-Comm TW25B is for you. Welcome! After all, performing scheduled maintenance at regular periods is an age-old concept.Bearings need Engineers and users expect malfunction-free operation and maximum service life for their equipment, to ensure economic efficiency. Grease with calcium sulfonate thickener has good heat resistance and excellent moisture and oxidation resistance. Built tough with a robust 0.049" (1.2 mm) thick barrel and heavy follower spring for even flow. The FSM says "Lubricate the splines of the final driven flange and the O-ring with lithium-based MULTIPURPOSE NLGI No. It is suitable for all chassis lubrication. How to Adjust Single Action Reset – Disconnector Timing, How to Adjust the Triggerbar Support Spring, Single Action / Double Action Terminology. The die cast T-handle locks in place for loading. Because Moly Bore Paste dries and cures quickly it can be used as a treatment for lubrication and protection of all gun and metal surfaces. Ultimately, Graco does not make recommendations for the grease used in a given application because choosing the right grease is really up to the equipment manufacturer and the customer. So, maybe you go out on a cold day, fire off 50 rounds, put the gun down for a few minutes, and then it short-cycles when you go back to it. Moly-Grease Plus™ SAFETY DATA SHEET Section 1- Product and Company Identification Product type: Lubricating Grease Restriction of Use: Use as directed. A multi purpose gun lubricant, 100% Bisley equivalent with extra lubricating additives but cheaper. Compare to. 1/2 oz tube can last for a long time. Lubricants and grease range in consistence from water-like to nearly-solid. Paul, if you will read the JD moly grease description, you will find NO mention of it being used for wheel bearings. Remember to always use a certified moly Grease for U-Joints such as Grease-u-joint or Spicer U-Joint grease. Check here for special coupons and promotions. The automatic systems apply a small replenishing volume of grease, keeping a constant film of lubricant between the contact surfaces of the bearing. Please allow us to customize your site experience by enabling tracking cookies. Graco is a product- and solution-oriented company, not a grease company, but we do offer a grease for the convenience of our customers. CRC Sta-Lube SL3330 Moly-Graph Extreme Pressure Multi-Purpose Lithium Gre… If the Moly content – combined with content of all other solids – is 5% or less of the grease, then it should work in our systems; however, many Moly greases are 10% Moly or more. In-Store Only. Moly-Graph® Extreme Pressure Multipurpose Lithium Grease, … John Deere Special-Purpose HD Moly Gun Grease - TY6333-Features: High-temperature, extreme-pressure grease with 3% moly -10 to 350°F (-23 to 177°C) Us In stock and ready to ship. 99. Used on all sliding surfaces, rails, trigger mechanisms, cam pins, choke
t Some say this is to coat the moving parts in a bearing and protect them when they run out of grease, which would prevent wear. This compact mini grease gun is compact and easy to load. 57. The thicker it is, the more likely it is to cause resistance when applied to smaller moving parts within your car. Automatic lubrication solves the problem of inconsistent lubrication. $28.57 $ 28. Automation allows the lubrication events to be scheduled and monitored so that consistent lubrication is virtually guaranteed. Component Parts Not Manufactured by Graco. Actually exceeds the mil spec of standard, molybdenum … Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun. Marine Grease Lucas Marine Grease is a premium, extreme pressure, multi-purpose, heavy duty OBCS grease containing unique polymers, anti-wear agents and tackifiers with inherent … If you are using a grease with moly you will still get lint and debris sticking to it. Exhibits outstanding performance in the most severe applications and is fortified with molybdenum … Worked penetration 60/60 strokes 25°C. The USMC TM says to use Moly Grease on the barrel nut to prevent GALLING of the threads. Not a petroleum-based grease, but a synthetic-based, semi-solid lubricant developed and used by military special forces to protect expensive, hi-tech firearms and equipment in all temperatures and all environments; from the deserts of Kuwait to the Bering Strait. The rigid grease pipe can be attached straight or at 90 degrees to handle a wide range of lube applications. Lithium complex is the thickener that is most compatible with other thickeners. It would still dry out a bit so now I'm using a moly paste called TS-70. This grease is fully formulated with extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. Holt Industries. Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun. In-Store Only Add to My List. Lincoln 1133 at $53.99. It is an extreme load and temperature additive. Professional Pistol Grip Grease Gun $ 27 99. Hypothetically, how many miles can one drive before doing this grease service? {leadForm.errorMessage @ context = 'html'}. Cajun Gun Works’ unique blend of moly and a base that keeps the lube in place. We have received your message and will contact you shortly. $ 7.00 Choosing The Right Grease For Fleet Truck Chassis And Components, Don’t Let Grease Guns Get In the Way of Improving Your Productivity, Selecting the Proper Grease for a Given Climate, Lubrication Contamination and the Effect on Pin Bushings, Real Stories from Real People Showcasing Their Successes with the Latest in Automatic Lubrication. Its good stuff. Using a heavy-duty grease from LIQUI MOLY … Those are … No more missed grease points, no more lost time and no more dirty grease guns on the floor. Lubricating a bearing once per week or once per month may seem like a sensible thing to do. Top-of-the-line Pistol Grip Grease Gun is designed for heavy-duty applications, and for the most convenience in use with one-hand operation and minimum extrusion effort. MOLY GUN GREASE from SpecLub for your Airgun Shotgun Pistol / Rifle. Moly Grease vs. Lithium: What’s the Big Deal? One of the ingredients is Molybdenum disulfide, which is a high pressure additive that embeds itself into the metal and helps to prevent damage on metal to metal contact. Save 48%. It also costs about $20 an ounce, so make sure you know what you’re getting into. G-96 Rapid-Fire Gun Grease​ & ​Liquid Gun Grease G-96 Gun Greases are made of military grade formulas designed to meet the most demanding needs for small and large caliber weapons. Ball roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, slide bearings and so on – the widest variety of bearings are used in machinery and vehicle construction. Moly Bore Paste won't oxidize on firing so your bore shrugs off lead, copper and carbon buildup. You can lubricate everything in your airgun safely and happily with a PTFE thickened silicone grease such as superlube. Products can vary slightly due to manufacturing variations. 2 (molybdenum disulfide additive) GREASE" Moly 60 is an assembly paste, intended to provide lubrication of a rebuilt engine until oil is pumped there after the engine has been started. Some manufacturers, specifically Ford, require a molybdenum or “moly” for protection of the metal. For the piston lubrication I use ultra dry molybdenum disulfide powder from Chambers. It is only really a suitable lubricant for high … the paste is about 200 times slicker than the grease and contains 1/4(+/-) of the potential dieseling fuel source I tried marine moly grease for wheel bearings and found that just the slightest film works great. The piston is polished and I then run 800 grit lightly over it to provide a key. Stable from -20 to 300 degrees F, an outstanding rust barrier, and makes your slide feel like it’s on ball bearings. When gently wiped down, a thin film of gun grease stays. You will be better finding a dry lubricant for your carry guns. This is a solid-free lithium complex grease, and there is a reason for this.